About the Association

We are an association of ryotei (traditional Japanese restaurant) and other restaurants in Iwate Prefecture. We are passing on the spirit of hospitality and skills of craftsmen under the Traditional Japanese Cuisine Restaurants Association with its history of more than 100 years.

We are aiming to maintain and improve hygiene standards through the restoration and promotion of management by those involved in running the culinary industry. At the same time, we are working under the objective of protecting the interests of consumers.

Association Overview

Name Iwate Prefecture Traditional Japanese Cuisine Restaurants Association
Established November 1969 (We changed to our current name in January 2001)
Address 2F Iwateken Riyo Kaikan, 1-4-18 Moriokaekinishi-tori, Morioka-shi, Iwate, 020-0045
TEL 019-622-3643
FAX 019-622-4766
E-mail contact@iwate-ryouri.com
Chairman Isamu Suzuki

Objectives of the Association

Those who make their living in the culinary industry established this association to make their customers aware about food culture with the aim of improving the social status of the industry by uniting and training together.

We do this together with activities to revive and maintain Japanese music, classical theater and the atmosphere of traditional entertainment districts with the aim of rediscovering the ancient Japanese spirit of hospitality as we deal with the international community.

In addition, we are promoting activities aimed at solving problems relating to the culinary industry. These include information exchange, fundraising, management instruction, various procedures, consulting and other activities among managers who are sincerely tackling management.

Advantages of Joining the Association

  1. You can get a loan from the Japan Finance Corporation at a low interest rate
    Business promotion loans and environmental health improvement loans
  2. You can participate in various training courses and workshops
    Management, taxation and technique improvement training courses
    Workshops necessary for management improvement (e.g., new products)
  3. We have various preferential treatment systems available
    You can receive discounts on the karaoke royalties and background music usage fees of the Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers (JASRAC)
    You can use preferential treatment systems for credit card handling charge rates and LED introduction
  4. We will introduce your restaurant on our website
    You can showcase information from your restaurant on the website of our association
  5. You can participate in national culinary industry competitions
    You can participate in national competitions organized by the Traditional Japanese Cuisine Restaurants Association, so you can exchange information and obtain useful exchanges as opportunities for friendship
  6. We provide a variety of information
    We provide information as the occasion calls on food hygiene, health, financing and training courses

About Environmental Health Related Business

Environmental health related business is the general term for 18 types of business (e.g., the culinary industry, haircutting industry, beauty industry, cleaning industry, social eating/drinking industry, and hotel and ryokan inn industry) stipulated in the Act on Coordination and Improvement of the Environmental Health Industry (Act No. 164 of June 1957; abbreviation: “Environmental Health Industry Act”) which is a law governed by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.